and film stills

this Saturday i decided to do a project i have wanted to do for a while now; FILM STILLS! of course making a movie would be better, but i don't have my own camera and people and other supplies to help me out (this laptop am using doesn't even have Movie-maker *sobs*). so yeah. this is the next best thing, i guess. special thanks to my nine-year-old nephew for taking some of these photographs! and to Rookiemag for inspiring me as always.

this imaginary movie i have in mind is called The Very Strange & Remarkable. the concept of what the title talks about is a bit vague and flexible, so there is no actual specific thing. this film  is about the figuratively "lifeless" life of the protagonist whose name is Stephen Arcs. he basically has nothing except books and an unknown camera that follows him everywhere. there will be snippets in the film in which he is interviewed, talking about this apparent "Strange & Remarkable", whatever that is.

and these are some of the movie soundtracks;